Interview with Robert Kennedy Jr.

My very first television interview with Robert Kennedy Jr, son of the late Robert Kennedy and nephew of the late John F. Kennedy, and himself an acclaimed environmental attorney and activist as well as author.… Continue reading »

Theatermonolog von Erwin Riess. Auszüge aus einer Aufführung auf Schloss Hof 2013

Reya von Galen in a play by Erwin Riess. Excerpts from a performance at Schloss Hof in 2013.

Auszug aus der TV-Dokumentation “Prinz Eugen und das Osmanische Reich” produziert von PreTV für ORF und ARTE.

Documentary on Prince Eugene of Savoye and his relationship to Comte Claude-Alexandre de Bonneval, later known as Kumbaraci Ahmet Pasha, featuring an interview with Reya von Galen.

Material: canvas, wool. Reya von Galen and Erwin Wurm. Photo: Florian Hatwagner   The artist Erwin Wurm is at the forefront of revolutionising the concept of contemporary sculpture, transgressing the rules of form and time.… Continue reading »