Reya von Galen


Publisher and editor Reya von Galen founded in 2012 as a platform for news, views and interviews offering a fresh perspective and insight on established opinion leaders as well as profiling emerging trendsetters that have not as yet caught the public eye.

Follow as it reports and comments on a variety of political and cultural developments that shape our world and our society today and discover the personalities at the core of these events.

Though mainly published in English, will also feature articles and interviews in German and French reflecting the international outlook of the magazine.

Reya von Galen is a journalist, actor and director who lives between Vienna, Paris and London.  After studies in politics and drama she worked as an investment banker, but duly focused her interest on journalism.  During her extensive work in television, she interviewed high profile personalities from all aspects of public life and travelled the world to produce a range of political and historical documentaries.

She dedicates part of her time to her role as artistic director of the Theater Die Neue Tribüne in Vienna and works as an actor and director for the stage. Besides publishing, she is editor of the online magazine and a free-lance journalist for various other media as well as being the International Editor for Dante Magazine, London.


Interviews and Reportages:


Robert Kennedy jnr. (lawyer and environmental activist, son of Robert Kennedy), Washington;

King Constantine of Greece (last king of Greece, in exile since 1973), Istanbul;

Christopher Buchholz (actor), Paris;

Imran Khan (politician and former cricketplayer), Islamabad;

Abbas Maroufi (Iranian writer and dissident), Cologne;

Hervé de Charette (French Foreign Minister), Paris;

Anke Fuchs (SPD deputy in the Bundestag), Bonn;

Johann Fritz (director of the International Press Institute, IPI), Vienna;

Robert Badinter (French senator and former French Minister for Justice), Paris;

Jacques Attali (political adviser and author, director of EBRD and close adviser to French President François Mitterrand), Paris;

General Alfonso Armada (former tutor of King Juan Carlos of Spain indicted on plotting the 1981 attempted military coup in Madrid), Santiago de Compostela;

Duane Clarridge (top CIA agent, indicted in the Iran Contra affair, author), Istanbul;

Sir Henry Leach (Admiral of the Fleet and adviser to Margaret Thatcher during the Falklands War), London;

Betty Mahmoody (writer “Not Without My Daughter” and activist), Paris;

Gilbert Bécaud (French chansonnier), Paris;

José Garçon (Journalist specialising on Algeria for French daily newspaper “Libération”), Paris;

Dr. William Hale (lecturer at SOAS), London;

Dai Llewellyn (playboy and social commentator), London;

Prof. Ernst Wolner (surgeon for heart transplant), Vienna;

Prof. Ferdinand Muehlbacher (surgeon for liver, kidney and pancreas transplant), Vienna;

Dr. Eva Bunzl (psychotherapist for transplant patients), Vienna;

Emir Kusturica (filmdirector), Munich;

Dr. Colin Lucas (vice-chancellor of Oxford University), Oxford;

Catherine Lalumière (European Parliament deputy), Strasbourg;

Peter Dankert (European Parliament deputy), Strasbourg;

Claudia Cardinale (actress), Paris;

Dr. Zbigniew Brzezinski (security adviser to President Carter, author), Washington; Peter Hausmann (German Secretary of State and government spokesman for chancellor Kohl), Bonn;

Ahmet Ertegün (founder of “Atlantic Records”), New York;

Dominique Strauss-Kahn (French Minister for the Economy and for Finance, head of the IMF), Paris;

Jacques Barrot (French government Minister, currently European Commissioner for Justice, Freedom and Security, Vice-President of the European Commission), Paris;

Patrick Devedjean (French MP for the RPR), Assemblée Nationale, Paris.

Hubert Védrine (French Foreign Affairs Minister), Quai d’Orsay, Paris;

Frédéric Mitterrand (producer and journalist for television, French Minister for Culture), Paris;

Empress Farah Pahlavi (widow of the last Shah of Iran, in exile since 1979), Paris;

Kenize Mourad (war reporter and best-seller author), London;

Dr. Otto von Habsburg-Lothringen (son of the last Emperor of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Karl I and member of the European Parliament),Brussels;

Prof.Tom O’Rourke (professor for environmental engineering at Cornell University, U.S.A.), Cambridge;

Benazir Bhutto (Prime Minister of Pakistan from 1988-90 and from 1993-96, assassinated in December 2007), London.

Joel Cadbury (entrepreneur and heir to the Cadbury chocolate dynasty), London;

Andrew Neil (editor of “The Sunday Times”, television and printjournalist, author), London;

Bryan Singer (filmdirector “The Usual Suspects”), Vienna;

Agnes Varda (filmdirector “sans Toit ni Loi”), Vienna;

Romuald Karmakar (filmdirector), Vienna;

François Ozon (filmdirector “8 femmes”), Vienna;

Michael Glawogger (filmdirector), Vienna;

Behram Bezai (filmdirector), Vienna;

John Prochnau (geologist), Frankfurt;

Tony Williams (founder and CEO of Dragon), London;

Steve Requa (geologist and author), London;

Simon Wiesenthal (founder of the Wiesenthal centre)

Erwin Wurm (artist), Vienna.



Reports and documentaries among others on:


– Universities of Oxford and Cambridge, England;


– the 1981 attempted military coup in the Spanish National Parliament with interview with Santiago Carillo, former leader of the Spanish Communist Party for 50 years, Madrid;


– elections in Pakistan in 1997, Islamabad (first foreign crew to have access to Prime Minister Sharif and President Leghari in Pakistan after the formation of the new government in February 1997);


– liberal movements in contemporary Iran with interview with Benisadr, Minister under Ayatollah Khomeini, currently living in exile in Paris;


– report on poltical measures taken against Austria with interviews with Dr. Beate Winkler, director of the European Monitoring Centre and Simon Wiesenthal, founder-director of the Simon Wiesenthal Centre, Vienna as well as with former Austrian vice-chancellor Dr. Susanne Riess-Passer , Vienna.


– Cardinal Clemens August Count von Galen whos was beatified by the Pope in October 2005 for his courageous stance against the Nazi Regime during WW2 with interviews with the former Bishop of Munster, Dr. Reinhard Lettmann, and witnesses of the time as well as with authors Daniel Goldhagen (“The Catholic Church and The Holocaust”) and Stefan Moritz (“Grüß Gott and Heil Hitler”).